Carley CornelissenCarley is an emerging Australian artist based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Her contemporary works are beautiful, colourful and full of energy. Carley has strong feelings towards the way humans treat animals. This inspired her to use her work to highlight the influence of human population and greed on the environment. Each piece she creates holds a special meaning, hidden in the flowers, the insects, birds or animals. Carley’s pieces contain references to endangered fauna, extinct animals and wildlife at risk.

Carley likes to use her work to get people to think about how their actions affect the environment. Her other passion has been sourcing recycled frames and surfaces for reuse. Not only is she reducing the impact her practice has on the environment, she also loves that she is adding to the history of the frame and giving it a new life. Carley uses bold colours to provide a glimmer of hope and to help people realise that we as individuals can make a difference. She also uses transfers as she feels the image represents the fragility of the situation, it shows how endangered species are here but also almost gone.

Carley is currently represented by Retrospect Gallery in Byron Bay and Retrospect planet, a touring sister of the gallery in Byron Bay that takes Carley’s art all over the world to International Art Fairs and events. Her work has been sold in London, Sweden, Brussels, Milan, Hong Kong and Singapore. She was Retrospect’s artist of the month in May 2013 where her show sold out on the opening weekend. Throughout the past 4 years Carley has been a finalist in numerous art awards, and received a highly commended award in the Noosa Art Awards.

Carley has been painting for over 25 years and holds a degree in fine arts painting from RMIT. She works out of a studio on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


Curriculum Vitae


2003–2006 – Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Painting, RMIT

2001–2002 – Diploma of Visual Arts, Box Hill TAFE


Solo Exhibitions

Feb 2016 “Freedom” No Comply, Toowoomba

Feb 2016 Artist of the month, Retrospect Gallery, Bryon Bay QLD

May 2013 Artist of the month, Retrospect Gallery, Bryon Bay QLD


Group Exhibitions

10 – 13 Mar 2016 – Affordable Art Fair, London

7 – 10 Feb 2014 – Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

21 – 24 Nov 2013 – Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

14 – 17 Nov 2013 – Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany

31 Oct – 3 Nov 2013 – Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3 – 6 Oct 2013 – Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

3 – 7 Oct 2013 – Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

15 – 17 Mar 2013 – Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

7 – 10 Mar 2013 – Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy

Feb – Mar 2013 – Linden Postcard 2013 Show, Linden Centre, St Kilda

1 – 26 Feb 2013 – Intricate Lines, Retrospect Gallery, Bryon Bay


Prizes and Awards

2017 Finalist – Lethbridge 10,000 Art Award

2016 Finalist – Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artist Award

2016 Finalist – Stencil Art Award

2016 Finalist – Lethbridge 10,000 Art Award

2015 Finalist – Gold Coast Art Prize

2015 Finalist – Lethbridge 10,000 Art Award

2014 Finalist – Noosa Art Prize (Highly Commended)

2014 Finalist – Sunshine Coast art Prize

2014 Finalist – Lethbridge 10,000 Art Award

2013 Finalist – Lethbridge 10,000 Art Award



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